The Big Game

‘The Big Game’ invites the audience to enter an absurd world composed of games which have been made up and are played out by four dancers on stage in real time. The various games expose the emotional world of the dancers and the power relations between them.

As the performance is created in real time the rules of the choreographic game are exposed and the relationship between the performers and the audience is being challenged. The audience is invited to take part in the piece and influence the evolution of the game.

The piece raises questions about the purpose of the game, who sets the rules and how these rules influence the interaction between the players, how far the players would go to achieve the desired outcome, and what happens if the rules are broken. It questions our sense of free choice and understanding of responsibility as players in our own personal and social games.

Length: 70 min.

Premier: Suzanne Dellal Center ,TLV, Dec 2012.


Concept,  Choreography & Directing:
Sharona Florsheim

Dancers & Creative Partners:
Yochai Ginaton, Keren Ben Altabet, Tamar Nevo,  Ady Elzam

Costume & Stage Design:
Michal Kapelluto

Music Editor & Live Music:
Eldar Baruch