Since Eve Left the Garden

Two dancers encounter their femininity through a dialogue woven with animation and video. A multi-layer collage addressing unspoken, sensitive issues as well as others that cut to the heart of the consensus. Pregnancy, sexual abuse, motherhood, eating disorders and female sexuality appear side by side. A mix of fantasy and reality is blended to open up new perspectives upon the female world. The collaboration between Sharona Florsheim and the animator & video artist  Tal Neeman breaks through the boundaries of what is “permitted” and brings subtle irony and self-humor to painful feminine issues.

“For Neeman and Florsheim, bitterness is replaced with self-humor, allowing for the audience to also think. They provide a mirror reflecting contradictions of modern society and its definition of womanhood. A wonderful production that leaves a taste for more.” TIME OUT, TLV 2003.

Length: 50 min.

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Concept, Choreograph, Dance:
Sharona Florsheim

Concept, Animation,Video Art:
Tal Neeman

Dance Collaboration*:
Niva Sudai Toledano

Custom Design:
Renana Zimbalista

Original Music & Arrangement:
Yariv Leblang

Stage Design:
Inbal Rief

Lightening Design:
Revital Teva

Performed at:
Suzanne Dellal Centre

* Thank you for the contributing dancer Michal Samama.