Axis, Circle and a Heart

A scheduled meeting in a room with a green armchair, designed to mutually explore the beauty of imperfection. Two young women, risking being misunderstood, follow a wild heart in a deep and complex relationship where games turn into struggles and conflicts open and lead the way to true intimacy.

In this unexpected duet an independent system is created on stage by the dancers where all the performance elements are realized and manipulated by them in real time. In addition to their movement, the sound score is produced by the dancers’ own vocalization and by the sound of the objects used on stage. The lighting comes from shifting auras and is controlled by the dancers throughout the piece. Brightness is sculpted like the sound and movement to communicate with each other as they lighten up or darken the stage. Transitions between set material and improvisation add to the unique and poignant texture of this dance, creating an autonomic world with its own rules directed by the dancers and experienced by them and the audience at the same time.

Length: 25 min.

View Video [Holland Version]

View Video [Israel Version]

Sharona Florsheim

Sophie Bioul, and Tanja Fridjonsdottir, Holland 2006
Tamar Nevo, Shlomit Corry, Israel 2008

Costume design:
Hiroaki kanai

Stage design:
Sharona Florsheim

Igor kruter

Video, Editing:
Bas Berkhout
Amit Azaz

Produced by:
ArtEZ - Dance Unlimited, Holland 2006

Performed at:
Premiere, Holland 2006
2nd edition, Israel 2008 Suzanne Dellal Centre