Sharona Florsheim is a choreographer and an Improvisation artist. Her work has been presented in major festivals and venues in Israel and Europe. Through the years she has collaborated musicians, video  artists and theatre directors from Israel and around the world, to create her unique and poignant style of work.

Her artistic work is deeply inspired by individual uniqueness and identity,
and how they both relate to a larger whole. Her fascination with the whole of human expression expresses itself through dance, voice and text, creating a rich portrait of the human nature with all its complexity and potential harmony.

Since its establishment in 2009, Sharona is the artistic director of “Noga Dance Company”: a unique professional framework for religious women choreographers and dancers to create and perform. She has also recently co-founded the “Impulse” improvisation ensemble where she initiates, creates and performs artistic and community projects in Israel.

Sharona teaches choreography and improvisation in dance colleges. She also guides workshops to students from other disciplines and commercial companies exploring the universal features of creative thinking through movement and ways to incorporate physical experience and knowledge into learning and decision making processes.

She graduated from the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, holds an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from Haifa University, and a Masters Degree in Choreography from the “Dance Unlimited” program at Arnhem Dance Academy, Holland.